Thursday, October 25, 2018

Saif Ali Khan - about being Royal

4 Simple Style Hacks To Learn From Saif Ali Khan On How To Look Like A Royal In Kurta Pyjama

First world problem rant alert: Being a royal can be exhausting. Add to that the constant hounding of the paparazzi because you're also an actor who is a Bollywood A-lister - and things really do have the potential of crumbling down. Chhote Nawab, however, clearly knows how to walk that tightrope. Right from living up to the legacy of his parents to creating one of his own, he has never faltered. And all throughout, he has done it with his own rich brand of impeccable style - so much so that the term 'Bollywood Royalty' will strictly bring him and only him to the forefront. He has a way of converting even the most basic outfits into aesthetically appealing fashionable ensembles. Exhibit A - his recent appearance at the airport in a kurta pyjama. We have analyzed his style strategy and come up with 4 simple hacks that will make you look like a royal in kurta pyjama.

1. The Fit Of The Kurta
Your kurta has to be well-fitted. By that, we don't mean 'tight', never tight, please - even if you're lifting heavy in the gym. Choose a fit that feels nice and comfy, while not being loose enough to be called a sack.

2. Choosing The Perfect Pyjama
Churidaar is a very popular choice, and it is 'royal', but it is also done and dusted. Probably keep that aside for your Sherwanis and Achkans? What Saif is wearing here is super comfortable and extremely sophisticated. A pair of wide, flowy white pyjamas will give you that effortless charm along with lots of movement and ventilation. It's a win-win.

3. Your Choice Of Footwear
Saif is making a statement here with his sharp tan brown shoes. They stand out and are super edgy. Another good option is to wear strappy leather sandals, but we suggest rather save them for when you wear churidaars.

4. Picking Out The Right Accessories
A pair of sunnies is a must. Aviator works, yes, but try experimenting with its edgier cousins? Saif is doing just that and see how well that worked out for him. In a display of uber sophistication, Saif is using his phone as an accessory as well courtesy that classy AF leather cover in brown (that totally goes with his shoes btw).

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