Thursday, October 25, 2018

Saif Ali Khan - about being Royal

4 Simple Style Hacks To Learn From Saif Ali Khan On How To Look Like A Royal In Kurta Pyjama

First world problem rant alert: Being a royal can be exhausting. Add to that the constant hounding of the paparazzi because you're also an actor who is a Bollywood A-lister - and things really do have the potential of crumbling down. Chhote Nawab, however, clearly knows how to walk that tightrope. Right from living up to the legacy of his parents to creating one of his own, he has never faltered. And all throughout, he has done it with his own rich brand of impeccable style - so much so that the term 'Bollywood Royalty' will strictly bring him and only him to the forefront. He has a way of converting even the most basic outfits into aesthetically appealing fashionable ensembles. Exhibit A - his recent appearance at the airport in a kurta pyjama. We have analyzed his style strategy and come up with 4 simple hacks that will make you look like a royal in kurta pyjama.

1. The Fit Of The Kurta
Your kurta has to be well-fitted. By that, we don't mean 'tight', never tight, please - even if you're lifting heavy in the gym. Choose a fit that feels nice and comfy, while not being loose enough to be called a sack.

2. Choosing The Perfect Pyjama
Churidaar is a very popular choice, and it is 'royal', but it is also done and dusted. Probably keep that aside for your Sherwanis and Achkans? What Saif is wearing here is super comfortable and extremely sophisticated. A pair of wide, flowy white pyjamas will give you that effortless charm along with lots of movement and ventilation. It's a win-win.

3. Your Choice Of Footwear
Saif is making a statement here with his sharp tan brown shoes. They stand out and are super edgy. Another good option is to wear strappy leather sandals, but we suggest rather save them for when you wear churidaars.

4. Picking Out The Right Accessories
A pair of sunnies is a must. Aviator works, yes, but try experimenting with its edgier cousins? Saif is doing just that and see how well that worked out for him. In a display of uber sophistication, Saif is using his phone as an accessory as well courtesy that classy AF leather cover in brown (that totally goes with his shoes btw).

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Siddharth Malhotra - Decoding Summer Style

                               SIDDHARTH MALHOTRA

Ditch the heavy fabrics
Wool suits may be the standard for formal menswear, but the fact is that you’re not going to come out alive of an Indian summer if you stick to your winter wear. Ditch the wool from cotton blends, linen, and lighter wool variants. Make sure to switch up the darker hues for lighter colours, from brighter blues to trusted Mediterranean beige.

No more flip-flops
It is easy to fall into the trap of reaching for your trusted chapals when you’re just stepping out of the house in the summer, but the fact is that you’re an adult now and your toenails look more disgusting than ever. Swap your rubber slippers with a pair of Espadrilles, which are as lightweight and durable as slippers while maintaining the elegance and adulthood of a loafer.

Flex with your swimwear
Swim fashion is now a thing for men, and you best embrace it. Leave your multi-pocketed, past-your-knees boardshorts at home and invest in some cool swim shorts. This doesn’t mean Speedos: find something than shows off your thighs but maintains your modesty. Find confidence and flair in patterns, designs, and prints which had found themselves decorating the latest breed of men’s swimwear. You spent all this time working on your beach body, don’t let your look be hindered by your apparel.

Choose the right shades
Don’t pick your eyewear based on what you saw Salman Khan wear. Each face shape has a frame that fits it the best, highlighting your best features and disguising your worst ones. Use simple online guides to figure out what works best for you. Also, don’t be distracted by brand names; experiment with colorful, funky frames which you may even find on the street. The key thing about sunglasses is how you carry them off; if you put enough thought into your outfit you can make a great fashion statement with a cheap pair of knock-offs. Sunglasses are like shoes in that they can lend flavor to an otherwise basic outfit, so don’t be afraid to use them as the centerpiece of your look if you find the right pair.

Loafers over Oxfords
Summer means that it is fashionable to stop wearing your suffocating leather lace-ups and finally permissible to show some ankle. Make loafers your best friend, whether at work or at play. The basic Gucci loafer is a large investment, but it is ageless and surprisingly durable. Go for one leather pair, preferably brown, and one suede pair, which you can be more experimental with. Grey suede looks great with loafers, so does a light blue. If you’re really feeling adventurous, take a risk with a red; Tod’s has a great line of driving shoes in partnership with Ferrari, full of swagger and Italian finesse.

At the time of writing this article, we incidentally ran into the dashing Sidharth Malhotra during a Pepe Jeans event. Here’s how he’s planning to dress up this Spring/Summer.

What will your style statement be? 

T-shirt and denims. I think you can wear it all day and for any occasion – it’s versatile and never goes out of style. For instance, a plain black Tee and a good pair of denims is all you need to be dressed for the night!

Tell us about your current wardrobe? 

30 denims, t-shirts and shoes! That’s all I need!

Who are your fashion idols?

Mr. Bachchan – I think he’s impeccably dressed always!  All the ladies these days are so fashion conscious – Sonam Kapoor and Deepika Padukone carry off denims so well!

Must-haves in a guy’s wardrobe?

The coloured shirts (especially the coral one from Pepe Jeans), comfortable denims- personalize it from the Pepe Jeans store like I did – it makes the denim look super funky. And t-shirts, especially the plain ones!

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Kangana Ranaut - Boho-chic look

Bollywood's queen Kangana Ranaut never loses a chance to make headlines. Be it for her controversial statements or films, the actress has taken over every department of stardom including fashion. Though her sense of style has been evolving over the years, Kangana lately has given us some amazing tips on how to style our ethnic wear. From saris to kurtas, the actress has been a promising fashion model in this area. 

Most of her on-screen characters that she is famous for, have shown us how to style any casual kurta and trust us it's worth giving it a try. Although not many of us are blessed with her gorgeous curls that outshine any outfit she wears, Kangana's graceful appeal gives us some cues to take out styling game to the next level without modernising it.

Kangana Ranaut is constantly giving us fashion goals. The Queen actress is quite a style queen, never failing to stand out of the box in terms of how she dresses. Recently, Kangana did just that at Cannes Film Festival. From a Sabyasachi saree to a Zuhair Murad gown to a Nedret Taciroglu catsuit, the actress glittery choices didn't fail to leave a mark. But glittery isn't her only forte; Kangana tries a lot of different styles and somehow manages to ace most of them. Ranaut looks absolutely ethereal in Indian, and her airports looks are amazing every time.

And no one gets the boho-chic look bang on the way Kangana does. From mixing floral prints with muted scarves to wearing ruffled collared tops, the actress doesn't fail to nail quirky looks. Kangana's sartorial choices is as versatile as the roles she chooses to do.

This checkered number that Kangana was wearing on the sets of the upcoming movie Mental Hai Kya. Easy. breezy, and summery done right.

Turns out bohemian chic is the go-to style for Kangana's character in the movie because she also wore this blue checkered dress with a yellow stripe on one side on the sets.

But even her personal wardrobe sees a lot of classic bohemian clothes. And clearly they aren't all floral or checks.

That being said, Kangana cleary loves her checks, and how. They have made an appearance in lot of her airport looks especially. Exhibit A. We love how Kangana pairs Zara dress with a denim jacket.

In a Liva dress, Kangana clearly knows how to nail boho-chic look. The whole mixing a plaid dress up with a hat, a pair of interesting glasses, a jacket is all very trendy.

Sometimes she doesn't even need to pair a simple dress with anything and she ends up looking as cool.

And if you are thinking that Kangana must have a thing for checks alone, it is not the only print she wears. The Mango dress she wears is all kinds of boho.

Floral print also seems to be an all time favourite.

Kangana once told reporters that style is a way of expressing oneself and her style should tell the world who she is. And Kangana definitely does that with confidence and glamour.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Hrithik Roshan - Best Dressing Styles

Hrithik Roshan Outfits - Hrithik Roshan is one of those classy and timeless actors who never seem to go out of style and they continue to fancy their fans not only with their acting but also by introducing new fashion ideas and trends into the industry. We have seen Roshan since years and he seems to be getting smarter with time.

We caught up with the Bollywood style god at the Fashion Nights red carpet and got him to reveal the three essential we will definitely find his style arsenal.

 ~~ “A good pair of jeans (denims). That’s an absolute must, I think it works across the board. It’s a must have in your wardrobe for every man.“
 ~~  “Some good sporty sneakers.” He prefers his personally-styled  HRX ones that he sports almost everywhere he goes, including the Fashion Nights red carpet where he showed up sporting these slick red ones.
 ~~  “A good set of sunglasses to add some style.“

Fall-Winter 2018

The actor looks flawless in cotton shirts and trousers/shorts in his movie Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. We love the casual cotton shirt look that the actor sports quite often. You could try this look for a day’s outfit like a brunch. Hrithik is often seen in jackets, in various styles, yes, he has them all! Each occasion demands a different outfit and style, and he is often seen teaming up the right kind of jackets with different outfits.

We cannot forget his streaks in some of the movies. The actor is known for experimenting with his hairstyle. Also, it’s important for you to ensure that you experiment with a look that you would be extremely comfortable in, and be very sure that you can carry it off in ease!

Here are few best outfit ideas to adopt.

1. ~~ A classy stylish suit

Hrithik Roshan's sassy and stylish suit saves all of our expectations to bring out the classiest swag.

2. ~~ A sensational jeans outfit

Hrithik Roshan in a casual yet very attractive jeans outfit is way too convincing to make jeans dressing styles our ideals.

3.  ~~ A vintage wedding suit

What is the best way to bring our colors of vintage fashion rather than dressing vintage awesomely?

4.  ~~ Summer style in ripped jeans

This makes it possible to make even outfits look casual and friendly and everything enthusiastic.

5.  ~~ In a cultural traditional outfit

No matter how fast-forward you may be, never let your cultural inner side die and liven it by wearing something traditional and native today.

6.  ~~ Beach getup

Hrithik in a comfortable beach getup looks awesome.

7.  ~~ Fashion show outfit

Although it is an utmost fashion ramp getup, but will serve you best on an important wedding.

8.  ~~ Bang Bang Dress

Some of his bang bang outfits are the coolest, of which the best is shown below that you easily adopt.

9. ~~  Workout look

Hrithik looks so very attractive in workout looks also.

10.  ~~ Coolest outfit

He looks cool in casual outfit....

For a casual look, Hrithik loves his basic tees. He teams up his tees with different bottoms depending on the occasion; chinos or rugged denims mostly. This is one of the most laid-back and comfortable outfit for pretty much any occasion.