Sunday, September 30, 2018

Five Style Lessons from Malaika Aurora


Malaika Arora Khan presents herself with elegance no matter what she is wearing! She has the ability to wear every type of clothing!

She knows how to flaunt her curves with exactly the perfect amount of skin-show. Stylish, hot, trendy and sensual are some words which describe her in the best way. Every girl aspires to copy her style. The dresses worn by this actress are flawlessly beautiful with perfect cuts and curves. Women who wish to wear a dress like her can shop online. But Women shopping online should first know Malaika Arora Khan’s Style lessons to look like her.

Malaika Arora is constantly in the limelight – and she’s never spotted with a fashion faux pas. This social butterfly is probably one of the most photographed celebrities and she’s always dressed to impress.

Presented below are some lessons from Malaika Arora Khan for women shopping:

1.  ~ Choose an outfit that accentuates your curves: This is the first and most important by mantra underlined by the sexy actress Malaika. She has it in her very existence how to flaunt her sexy figure in dresses that reveal her skin in the right amount. Women must buy a dress that has appropriate cuts to look just as sexy as Malaika herself.

2.  ~ Choose bright colors like Red to look Red hot: Whether it’s a dinner date or any big event, a sleek red gown is good to go on any occasion. Malaika Arora khan Wears simple yet classy outfits. Women who wish to adorn a similar look like her should go for a trendy red gown.

3.  ~ Choose regular denims and trendy top for travelling in comfort: Often Malaika has been spotted by the media at airports wearing simple ripped denim with comfortable sweatshirt. Women can look like her by buying a similar combination and a pair of sunglasses to complete their look.

4. ~ Wear antique accessories to go traditional: Antique accessories never go out of fashion. Malaika justifies the statement with her beautiful traditional accessories with an elegant saree. Girls can steal a look like her by buying traditional jewelry from online stores.

5. ~ Wear classic blazers for a sophisticated look: Malaika evidences that blazers are not just for business and professional events. The actress wear a smart blazer on her floral print dress and proves all of us wrong. Her style lesson is certainly worth copying.

The way Malaika Arora Khan carries her is commendable. Be it in movies, award shows or even airport, she manages to give a style lesson to her fans. Women can enhance their fashion etiquette by following the actress’s dressing and style sense. Women shopping online can first have a look at Malaika’s latest outfit and then start shopping for something similar to her outfit.

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