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Ranveer Singh - An actor with Quirky Dressing Style


Ranveer Singh an actor and a heart throb of Bollywood is known for his quirky sense of humor (after AIB), his ever-so-energetic image and also not to forget the out-of-the-box fashion choices. He probably is the only Indian actor with such a different dressing style. For a few people it may be a wow factor but for majority of us, it is absurd. 

Ranveer Singh is known for his bindaas attitude and bold statements. Ranveer Singh says that “I just wear whatever I feel like,” and we must say that his choices are way too different than rest of the Bollywood actors. His attires are not just strange but at times crazy. I think it won’t be wrong to call or address him as the Lady Gaga of Bollywood.

No matter how well or how worst the actor dresses up, he grabs all the attention at the event & award functions with on lookers looking at him surprisingly at his dressing. Ranveer Singh is an actor known for his loud behavior and dressing style. But the best part part about him is that he doesn’t copy anyone and has his own unique style.

Let us have a look at some of his ‘Out-of-the-box’ attires

The Woman Behind Ranveer Singh's Dressing Style Reveals All You've Ever Wished To Know

There’s someone else behind his picks and that’s why we decided to get in touch with the actual mastermind behind Ranveer’s quirky dressing style. There's one man in the industry whose fashion choices know no bounds and no limits. Some designers refer to him as the ‘game changer’ of Bollywood, while others call him ‘the king of his own might’ – but no matter what you say or do, you just can’t let go of his out-of-the-box appearances.

Every time Ranveer Singh steps out, the paparazzi go berserk clicking his eerie outfits. More so, writing and describing what he chooses to don, becomes a task in itself. He makes the headlines, he earns the brownie points but we tend to forget that he isn’t alone in this. There’s someone else behind his picks and that’s why we decided to get in touch with the actual mastermind behind Ranveer’s quirky dressing style.

Nitasha Gaurav has been the actor’s stylist for time enough to understand that he dresses up not to please others but solely for himself. “There is one fundamental thought behind anything he wears - it makes him happy,” she said.

“I curate and propose various looks to him, he then tries on options he likes and finally decides on what he is feeling the best in. Sometimes, if he has something in mind, he will let me know and I make it happen for him,” she added.

Considering that the actor grabs eyeballs for what he chooses to wear more often than not, we wondered if it’s a conscious decision to opt for such ensembles. Nitasha begged to differ and said, “That’s actually not true. Ranveer has worn and looked amazing in classics on several occasions. He has the personality to carry those off with as much flair.”

“But it is his more-out-there looks that everyone seems to remember”, she avowed.

He is probably the perfect muse for designers with eclectic sense of design. He pulls off a traditional wear with the same ease and panache he carries a unitard with and that’s one of the few things according to Nitasha that makes him the style icon that he is. “He isn't seen in more of the same. Very often he will be the first to attempt a look that will then become a trend - like the skirts we did for Bajirao promotions, head to toe prints. This is what makes him truly unique and a style icon”.

When asked if the actor’s style statement is in accordance with his real life behavior, she affirmed that even though this isn’t the case with all the actors, Ranveer is what he is. “In Ranveer's case, the image and the personality are in cognizance and he is exactly who he is dressing as. That is not necessarily true for all actors. There are those who rely on the stylist's expertise to make them appear more different than who they might otherwise be”.

She is of the view that the brand that is a star is projected through his personal style and a stylist contributes significantly in sustaining that image. “When you meet a person, you first notice their appearance - clothes, hair etc. A stylist helps to create, project and sustain the right image that helps to build that brand.”

Working closely with a man, who’s always under the scrutiny of public gaze, cannot be a cakewalk. And in the curious case of Bollywood’s ‘Bajirao’, the kind of social media reactions his outfits generate, it doesn’t even seem like a peaceful one. So, does it take a toll on her sometimes? “Not at all. Opinions are a matter of individual taste. You can’t let them affect you. You need to be happy with yourself and that's all that really matters.”

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