Friday, August 10, 2018

Dev Anand- Bollywood’s ultimate style icon

Dev saab was uninhibited, zestful and honest in projecting a style which was uniquely his own. The flamboyance and youthful charm about him never failed to cast a magical spell on his audience. We take a look at the key elements of his fashion statement which made this evergreen romantic hero a true style-icon not just on celluloid but in real life as well.

Puff of hair: Besides his innate romantic spirit what accentuated Dev saab’s boyish charm even further was his puff of hair. Considered as the true competitor to Gregory Peck for his puffed hair, he had girls swooning over it.

Full sleeved and turtleneck shirts: Dev Anand literally scripted the fashion statement of the ’50s and ’60s with bold and experimental trends. He used a lot vibrant colours and psychedelic hues in his wardrobe when most people during that time didn’t prefer to experiment much. His understanding of colour-coding was phenomenal and personalised it to the hilt. In Guide, he challenged all the existing norms with his big floral prints and buttoned up turtleneck shirts.

Hats: His good looks were further enhanced by his unique style. In an attempt to invent trends which were never seen before, he started sporting a variety of hats especially cowboy hats and berets. Like every thing else about him, these too became a rage.

Scarves and mufflers: He gave scarves and mufflers a worldwide recognition and that too in a variety of forms. And how could one forget the sensation it created when he wore a sweater around his neck in Heera Panna. Though influenced by the west Dev saab never failed to give an Indian spin to his extensive and detailed wardrobe. In Hare Rama Hare Krishna he went on to use flowers and garlands as accessories to complete his bohemian look.

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