Thursday, August 9, 2018

Big B - The Style God

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The style tricks from Mr Amitabh Bachchan's wardrobe that make him the ultimate style god

Amitabh Bachchan is perhaps the only actor who, despite being 75, is still a mainstream 'superstar'. He is the 'hero' of Bollywood and has maintained that for almost half a century. No matter what other actors and celebrities can do, he can do it better. His style game is also very much a part of this equation. Let's talk about 10 things he does differently, that have cemented his position as the ultimate style God of Bollywood.

1. He experiments. He clearly believes that age is just a number and that has got nothing to do with the way one should dress. He embraces unusual silhouettes and totally gives younger celebrities a run for their money while at it. Exhibit A.

2. When out with his son, he doesn't mind dressing up and looking like his buddy. Look at him rocking that printed statement black hoodie. Catch up, Abhishek!

3. He is brave enough to embrace embroidery that lesser mortals will dread to even try on. How many people can carry off that sherwani at that age?

4. He likes pink. We have seen Mr. Bachchan step out in this colour (that men usually seem to be averse to for some reason) with a remarkable degree of casual nonchalance. Multiple times.

5. He knows that he has a personality that can pull off absolutely anything. He utilizes that completely and wears quirky outfits whenever possible.

6. He is adept at the art of pairing. A white turtleneck with a long black military style leather jacket. Does it get any better?

7.  He does not shy away from silk and satin and knows the difference between avant-garde and tacky. We don't know anyone else who can carry off this outfit.

8.  He knows how to reinvent retro silhouettes. It was him who brought in the craze of bell bottoms in the 70's.

9.  He knows the art of making the most unusual clothes look like a part of his regular wardrobe. A flowy black silhouette with floral embroidery paired with white tasseled loafers - pure class.

10.  He believes that there is no such thing as 'too many colours' - even if that means out-dressing his son on the 'young and vibrant' scale. Abhishek, we feel you, bro.

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